The military: Convinced climate skeptics

The fact that a bunch of retired generals and admirals would put together a report highlighting the need to deal with climate change for the sake of national security makes a statement. These retired military leaders aren't pushovers and can't be considered liberal environmentalists. "We're not an easy sell, if you will, on anything," he said. "So the fact that we came together to talk about climate change and the threat, it's real."
That’s Chris Clayton on the climate change and national security panel at the World Food Prize. So what does the top brass think we should do?
"So it's real, let's get over it, and let's look for the opportunities that can be created by dealing with this set of challenges," McGinn said. "It isn't bad. It's not like we have to give up something."
McGinn said the U.S. has to "break this paradigm that the only way to get economic growth and have high quality of life is through fossil fuels."
I’ll take them on my side.

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