More to life than blogging

Greg Mankiw gives some very legitimate reasons why he won’t be blogging any more than he already does.
Sorry to disappoint, but more frequent blogging is not in my future. I have a full life: classes to teach, students to advise, articles to write, textbooks to revise, kids to raise, and a wife who still enjoys spending time with me (within limits).

I will continue use this site to pass along links for articles of interest, weigh in when I have something to get off my chest, and flog my favorite textbook. But I am too busy with other things to produce the voluminous output of some of my more energetic colleagues in the blogosphere.
Disappointing for those of us who very much enjoy access to his thoughts, but completely understandable.

Update: Chris Blattman gives some good reasons why he will continue his excellent blog - great news for the rest of us!!

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