Ethiopian Airlines is safe

Owen Barder stands up for Ethiopian Airlines and inspires me to do the same.
I was very upset to hear of the loss of an Ethiopian Airlines plane from Lebanon to Addis Ababa this morning.

Many Ethiopian and Lebanese families will be grieving.

Ethiopian Airlines has an outstanding safety record. The staff are professional, courteous and efficient. I will be flying from the UK to Addis on Friday on Ethiopian Airlines and, despite today’s tragedy, I am looking forward to it.
I'm flying Ethiopian from Addis to Europe soon and feel the same way.

Update: OK, I need to temper my praise. Flight was two hours late getting off the ground, simply because it took that long to get everyone through security and on to the plane (and not the first time that has happened to me). And second, the flight attendants are astonishingly incapable of not waking you up for breakfast 2.5 hours before landing, despite clear and copious appeals in advance (and also not the first time).

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