Good ideas, but truncated RSS

That's my initial take on the FT's Energy Source blog, which I subscribed to hoping it would fill the big shoes left vacant by the untimely demise of Environmental Capital.

For example, this is a pleasantly non-lazy line of thought:
One of our favourite counter-intuitive ideas on this blog is that China’s massive and growing appetite for fossil fuels might end up being a good thing for the environment, as it could drive big efforts on renewables, electric vehicles, and even energy efficiency.

The rationale is that China takes forward planning much more seriously than many large economies; so unlike other countries that are simply ambling towards some kind of climate/security/supply (choose your favourite) crisis, China will put significant effort into energy alternatives. Of course, the buying up of long-term fossil fuel supply deals with various countries around the world doesn’t necessarily support that.

And if the local press is anything to go on, anxiety over energy security is indeed pretty high in China at the moment.
On the negative side, Energy Source's RSS feeds are truncated. This is not only incredibly annoying for a reader, but as Felix Salmon has described many times, doesn't even make financial sense for the publication!

Update: Unsubscribed. Don't love the style and not worth it with the truncated feeds.

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