Where China’s investing

Statistics shmutistics... while the research apparently says China doesn’t invest disproportionately in resource-rich African countries, a top four of DR Congo (minerals), South Africa (coal and iron ore), Nigeria (oil) and Niger (uranium, and a fresh coup) makes me dubious.

Note also that Australia is number one overall (e.g. here, here, here).

By the way, critical mass has inspired me to add a new label for China in Africa.

Update: OK, on second thought... how is "aid" defined here? If narrowly, then perhaps I buy that Chinese aid specifically is not targeted toward resource-rich Africa countries... but who's to say where building a road, a railroad, a port, an airport becomes investment rather than aid? Building infrastructure frankly has more economic impact than most other foreign aid anyway, in all likelihood.

Update 2: Speaking of Niger, cannot help but pass on this outstanding haiku:
Another colonel
Thinks it’s his turn to spring clean
The big boss – hi coup!

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