Fragiler-than-it-seems-Brazil, continued

I've worried before about whether Brazil's economic and political progress would falter if commodity prices swooned. Via MR, this FT article not only puts a number on that...
Plug in 2005 commodity prices, for example, and Brazil’s $23bn trade surplus would become a $20bn deficit.

... it also calls out another worrisome trend, the explosion of consumer leverage.
Bank credit is now growing at a 20 per cent annual clip.

That has given Brazil’s economy an appearance of strength, but also risked stretching it thin. Typically, Brazilians now spend a quarter of disposable income on debt payments. At the height of the US credit boom, by contrast, American households spent about 15 per cent.
With the real now at 1.57 vs. the dollar - higher than it ever got in 2008 - I am pondering whether now is the time to trim my Brazil investment exposure...

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