Interactive map of Waxman-Markey vote

The National Journal has a great interactive map to break down the Waxman-Markey vote by different factors:
The interactive table below allows readers to analyze the vote from a variety of angles, including the members' margin of victory, whether Obama or John McCain carried their district, and whether their state is one of the 30 that rely on coal to generate at least 40 percent of its electrical power, according to federal Energy Information Administration figures. (Those states are designated in the chart as coal states.)

Viewing the results through those prisms reveals several clear patterns. In all, the findings suggest that calculations about the underlying political and ideological inclinations of the districts may have shaped the Democratic vote somewhat more powerfully than assessments of the districts' vulnerability to energy price increases if the legislation passed.
One correction - it says at the bottom that the Democrats have only 59 votes in the Senate, but it's now up to 60.

Hat tip to an anonymous connection at the NRDC.

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