3-month anniversary

So a week or two ago, People and Resources quietly passed the three-month mark, which in retrospect is an exciting milestone; I meant to blog about it, but then got swept away in a tide of work for a time. So in belated commemoration of this occasion, here are a few of the most exciting stats and milestones so far.
  • Over 350 posts (over 100 a month!). No way will I be able to keep up that pace long-term, but it means that I've passed Penelope Trunk's first hurdle: "If you can blog regularly for a month, you can be a blogger."

  • A handful of comments, mostly from friends, but also including a surprise cameo by my favorite finance blogger Felix Salmon and approval from an exploration geologist I don't know on a post I made on oilfield technology. Thanks guys!!

  • A spam comment, meaning I'm on the search engine map.

  • Another spam comment, long enough after the first that I had forgotten about it, and commemorated again.

  • I'm top 20 in Google for searches like "People and Resources"+China or +Brazil, and top of the list for more obscure searched like "People and Resources"+PetroSal.
It's a very modest beginning, but one that I'm excited about and grateful for. I'm still having a great time, and looking forward to taking this wherever it goes over the next months and hopefully even years.

Update: I forgot another nice milestone - I made the blogroll of Greed, Green, and Grains, a blog about agriculture and economics that I enjoy quite a bit.

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