Turning Oil Into Salt: Irritating, but productively provocative

A knowledgeable friend recommended Turning Oil Into Salt (by Gal Luft and Anne Korin) to me about a month ago, and on a recent trans-oceanic flight I had the time to read it. At a slim 124 pages, it’s a quick read. And while I was often frustrated by the style of their argument, and sometimes by the substance as well, there were a lot of good ideas and I think reading it would be time well spent for anyone interested in energy.

In order to organize my thoughts, as well as make them more bite-sized and readable for readers, I’ll write on each of the following as a separate post.
  1. Things I liked

  2. Fuel choice via the Open Fuel Standard

  3. Intellectual consistency

  4. Selective thinking on fungibility

  5. Alcohol as fuel

  6. Batteries are the crux

P.S. It appears my flight was long enough not only to read the book, but also to attempt a massive multi-part review. I'll be curious to read this once I'm removed from the haze of travel.

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