Carbon tariffs reach the Senate

After the House set a poor example, I was hoping the Senate would take a more mature view on carbon tariffs and steer clear of protectionism, despite the temptation. Sadly not:
Today, ten Democratic senators sent President Obama a letter demanding a “level playing field” for U.S. manufacturing in any climate plan. In plain English: If you want your climate bill, you better include “carbon tariffs” to make sure U.S. jobs don’t scurry off to unregulated China.

The list of senators includes some heavyweights, but all are swing votes for the bill—Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin of Michigan; Robert Byrd of West Virginia; Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania; Evan Bayh of Indiana; and Al Franken of Minnesota. Without the support of these lawmakers, you can stick a fork in the climate bill—it’s done.

... The ten senators take the opposite approach: “By eliminating the competitive benefit of not acting to address this global problem, it should spur countries to reach a comprehensive accord.”
One hopes this can be negotiated around - signed climate legislation enshrining carbon protectionism into law would be a scary thing.

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