Cash for carbon, refrigerators

Some folks are running the numbers on Cash for Clunkers - so far we have estimates of $75 and $175 per ton of CO2. At well above the proposed starting price cap of $28/ton, this means the program's worthiness must be as an economic stimulus, if any.

Nevertheless, the concept is increasingly popular, and not only with those taking advantage to trade in old cars. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Update: A more detailed calculation gives an implied carbon price between $237-365/ton, or an order of magnitude above the starting ceiling for carbon allowance, so let's hope the stimulus was worth it. Via Greed, Green, and Grains, who deserves a pat on the back for his quick answer that ended up being in about the right place.

Update 2: Another California academic estimates between $200-400/ton.

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