Obama is not Jesus

That's not exactly what he says, but Dave Roberts has a blunt and un-PC message for formerly-starry-eyed, now-disappointed progressives about Obama:
But let me be blunt: Barack Obama is not our magic negro. He’s not Bagger Vance.

He hasn’t come along to teach the ornery white folk the error of their ways. He’s just the president, a centrist Democrat embedded in a power structure replete with roadblocks and constraints. The president, even an extraordinarily popular president, can only do so much. Making one more speech won’t have any effect on Sens. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) or Ben Nelson (D-Neb.). It won’t reduce the money pouring from dirty energy companies into congressional coffers. It won’t change anybody’s mind at a teabagging rally or a dirty energy astroturfing event. This notion that Obama trying harder is the key to progressive success is just a siren song; it delays getting serious.
The whole post is worth a read.

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