Peak Oilers acting on their beliefs

On the topic of Peak Oil, Ryan comments:
One frustrating thing about doomsday scenario types is that they're never wrong. It's always "just wait, it's coming." In fact, I think this is part of the appeal of following those arguments.

On a related note, the peak oilers I've talked to are so certain these problems are going to happen, yet few take big actions in response. If they really thought these problems were going to happen, wouldn't they buy a farm in Montana, spend their salary on water and food storage, invest in motorcycle companies, etc?
This is a fair point, but not all Peak Oilers suffer from this disconnect between belief and action - The Oil Drum offers believers advice on topics from employment to rainwater harvesting to survival plans for the rich and the not-so-rich in the post-apocalyptic, post-petroleum world.

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