Opting out of healthcare (debate)

Ben Casnocha articulates something similar to what I've been feeling on the American healthcare debate:
I've decided I'm just going to read it about once it's resolved.

You can't keep up with everything. Rather than lightly follow along and skim articles and pretend to be informed, I'm consciously opting out. I rarely do this when it comes to current affairs -- I'm kind of a junkie -- but I must say, this time around, it feels liberating.
I've backslid a few times, but every time I get started it is a slippery slope - I truly don't know enough to debate, nor probably do the people I've argued with, and it just gets frustrating at some point. I think it would be great if everyone had healthcare, and I think it's important that the government be on sound fiscal footing. I will leave the debate of how to get there to smarter and/or braver souls than I.

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