Land footprint of renewable energy

I can't award this "killer chart" status because I don't find it very visually appealing, but David Mackay's synthesis brings up a great point (italics are mine):
Conclusion: All countries whose power consumption per unit area is bigger than 0.1 W/m2 are countries who should expect renewable facilities to occupy a significant intrusive fraction of their country, if they ever want to live on their own renewables. Countries with a power consumption per unit area bigger than 1 W/m2 (eg UK, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium) would have to industrialize most of their countryside, if they want to live on their own renewables. Alternatively, their options are to radically reduce consumption, use nuclear power, and/or to buy renewable power in from other countries.
The land footprint of renewable energy isn't much on the radar of the public dialogue around alternative energy - Sustainable Energy Without The Hot Air is the only place I see it brought up regularly - and yet it is a serious constraint to any renewables-heavy future, and one not very well understood by most of that future's proponents.

Here is the chart:

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